Protect temperature-sensitive payloads and reduce environmental impact
Temperature-controlled, cold chain Credo containers

We’ve always been green. When we developed the Original Golden Hour® Technology, we did so with an emphasis on environmental concerns — from materials and technology, to durability/product life span and reverse logistics planning.

Our goal — to lessen environmental impact and reduce your cost per use at the same time. 

Minnesota Thermal Sciences' temperature-controlled Credo Cube containers:

  • Use safe, reusable and non-toxic materials to reduce waste with every shipment
  • Are 100 percent recyclable and components are easily replaceable, contributing less environmental waste
  • Are designed with optimized interior payload volume allowing you to ship more with lower distribution costs
  • Utilize passive thermal control, which  eliminates the need for an external energy source or refrigerated transport
  • Reduce the overall carbon footprint of the shipping process, resulting in additional cost savings across the board